One technology.
Many applications.


Quadbeam sensors are used in dairy plants around the world, for everything from milk fat monitoring and control, to solids recovery, to product interface and yoghurt manufacture.

Food and beverage

Quadbeam sensors are used in a wide range of food and beverage plants, where uses include interface transition between juice, pulp, sauces, and water, and controlling and optimising solids recovery and content.


Quadbeam sensors have a proven record helping mines to monitor raw water intake, process water treatment, control flocculant dosing, and monitor filter breakthrough, clarifier overflow, and tank profiles.


Quadbeam knowhow powers Phathom sensors, which use the same high-end, multi-beam technology but with different functionality. Applications include monitoring sediment retention ponds, dewatering systems, and flocculant dosing.


Quadbeam sensors can be used in a range of applications to control wastewater, for example, to help monitor influent and effluent water, and in filtration monitoring and control so water with high suspended solids content doesn't enter systems like turbines.

Other industries

Quadbeam sensors are used in a wide range of industries and processes, like pulp and paper, sugar, starch, paint, chemical processes, and rendering. Applications include suspended solids loss monitoring and control, filter breakthrough, and clarifier monitoring and control.