Expert support.
Simple roll-out.

One small step for your sump

It’s easy to get started with Quadbeam. Even a single sensor in a simple installation offers immediate benefits. Just place one of our immersion sensors in a drain or sump and start recording suspended solids like milk fat so you know what’s happening with your waste. Add a flow monitor and track actual solid losses in real time. Target those losses with process improvements to prevent waste, and you’ve got one giant leap for loss monitoring.

Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: calibrate your Quadbeam. Calibration is easy and our instructional videos will walk you through the process.
Step 2: install your sensor. Installation can be as simple as a sump, or as sophisticated as you need. Either way, we’re here to help you every step of the way.
Step 3: connect to the control room. Quadbeam sensors controllers produce a 4-20mA output and we offer two multi-channel transmitters to get your data to the monitors.

Get expert support when you need it

We hate call centres too, so we promise you a different experience. That’s why we offer multiple ways to get in touch, our international distributors offer on the ground support in your area, and we’re pros at working across timezones to support our customers around the world. The same team that supplies your sensors is on the other end of your email, we’re fast with the phone, and we’ll even FaceTime you on the factory floor to troubleshoot your installation.