Small sensor change.
Smaller eco-footprint.

Protect the environment and get more product in the packaging

Stop product heading to the drain

Now you don’t have to choose between being profitable and being sustainable. Quadbeam sensors let you measure the concentration of suspended solids like milk fat, so you can measure exactly how much product is heading for the drain. With real-time data from our multibeam sensors, you can troubleshoot your process control systems so it doesn’t happen again.

We've seen waste reduced from

5% to 0.1%

Based on customer feedback

Do more with less

Reducing your losses means you can produce the same output while using less raw material. Quadbeam’s multibeam accuracy also lets you reduce your footprint even further. Most companies send all their CIP rinse down the drain, but the first part of the rinse contains a lot of product. Our sensors can tell you when there’s a high concentration of suspended solids in the rinse so you can divert it and recover those solids for reconcentration. You get more product out of the same raw materials, and reduce your water treatment needs.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The best way to protect the environment is not to take from it in the first place. Quadbeam sensors reduce your water, chemical, and energy needs in multiple ways. Their accuracy tells you when CIP rinse water is clean enough to divert and re-use, and when the clean is complete so you can stop running water through unnecessarily. Shorter and more accurate CIP cycles also mean less energy spent on hot water, and that same precision lets you know when your chemical flush is complete.

Practising what we preach

We care deeply about trying to leave the world in better shape than it is now, so sustainability is one of our core values. From a changing climate, to overflowing landfills, to polluted waterways, there are plenty of reasons to embrace sustainable solutions. For example, we’ve managed to remove by far the majority of plastic from our packaging, and we regularly review our systems and processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

Listening to nature’s voice

Core value: Sustainability

Consider sustainable options.  
When developing new plans and strategies, we consider how they may impact on our environment and whether there is a better and more sustainable way.