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The multi-beam difference, and how it works.

People often ask how our multi-beam technology works, and why it’s so much better than single-beam sensors. The short answer is that it’s all in the power of ratio-metric maths.

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Linearise / Calibrate your Quadbeam sensor for suspended solids monitoring in % concentration, mg/l, g/l, ppm, NTU, ppt or EBC.

Linearise / Calibrate your Quadbeam sensor for turbidity monitoring by using NTU standards.

Quadbeam set-up for milk/water interface

Quadbeam set-up for fat concentration monitoring

Phathom water sensors

We also manufacture a range of sensors suitable for water monitoring under the brand name Phathom. They use the same high-end multi-beam technology as Quadbeam sensors but with reduced functionality appropriate to the demands of water monitoring.

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