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The multi-beam difference, and how it works.

People often ask how our multi-beam technology works, and why it’s so much better than single-beam sensors. The short answer is that it’s all in the power of ratio-metric maths.

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Calibrate your Quadbeam sensor for suspended solids monitoring in mg/L by creating reference samples of your product. Create a calibration range by taking samples at higher and lower concentrations of the product.

Calibrate your Quadbeam sensor for turbidity monitoring by using an internationally recognised standard like formazin. Using higher and lower concentrations of the standard will create a calibration range.

Quadbeam set-up for milk/water interface

Quadbeam set-up for fat concentration monitoring

Phathom water sensors

We also manufacture a range of sensors suitable for water monitoring under the brand name Phathom. They use the same high-end multi-beam technology as Quadbeam sensors but with reduced functionality appropriate to the demands of water monitoring.

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