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Our journey to create next-level efficiency

Quadbeam sensors were first developed in response to demand from the New Zealand dairy industry. This industry has a strong focus on overall process efficiency--maximising yields and minimising wastage to get the most value. This created demand for a repeatable sensor that did not drift as a consequence of contamination, had no lenses to leak through, was robust to withstand high pressures and water hammer, and provided meaningful data to operators.

Quadbeam sensors have been the leading solution to this demand since the 1990s. Our primary focus is simple: increasing process efficiency through better control of turbidity and suspended solids.

We've continued to serve the dairy industry, and we've created a wide range of sensors to cover a broad range of applications that need to get control of suspended solids and turbidity.

Core values

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Provide high quality suspended solids and turbidity control solutions. We truly believe that our products can help businesses take their processes to the next level of efficiency and do our best to ensure that all products are produced to the highest standard possible.

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Shared value

Provide value to all stakeholders. We fully recognise the importance of our customers, suppliers and staff, which is why we think it is critical that everyone is looked after to the best of our ability.

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New Zealand

Maintain NZ technology and manufacturing base. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our products are 100% kiwi made, and intend to keep it that way.

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Consider sustainable options.  
When developing new plans and strategies, we consider how they may impact on our environment and whether there is a better and more sustainable way.
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Our history

The original four-beam sensors were developed in the 1990s by Instrumatics Equipment Ltd for Kiwi Co-op and the New Zealand Dairy Group. They were so successful that Quadbeam Technologies was formed to carry on development and production. In 2009, Geoff Letcher (Director) took over the company.

Continued innovation and development has seen the range of sensors grow to provide greater efficiency in mining, food and beverage, and raw water intake. Most recently, new sensors for stormwater and wastewater monitoring have been developed under our Phathom brand.