Small sensor change. Smaller eco-footprint.

Small sensor change. Smaller eco-footprint.

Three factors combine to give you big gains when you make the change to Quadbeam sensors. The second is sustainability. Find out what’s next in the series here.

Sustainability is all about stewardship. That means we don’t own this planet—we hold it in trust for the next generation.

Here’s three ways Quadbeam’s multi-beam sensors can help you improve sustainability:

1. Reduce solids in your wastewater lines

Measuring suspended solids like milk fat allows you to see changes in concentration that indicate you're losing product and that it's heading off to the wastewater plant. Monitoring these losses can reveal opportunities for improvement, for example by optimising CIP or interface processes for solids recovery, so you're reducing the burden of wastewater treatment.

2. Use less raw material and get more product in the packaging

Reducing waste also means you can get more product where it’s supposed to go. We’ve had customers tell us they’ve reduced their product losses from 5 percent to 0.1 percent.

That gives you options—you don’t need to use so much raw material to produce the same volume of product. For example, a dairy factory reducing its losses doesn’t need as many cows to supply it, reducing stock density and agricultural impacts. Or, you can increase production just by using the same amount of raw material more efficiently, without having to take more from the environment.

3. Use fewer resources

Industrial processes can be heavy users of water, chemicals and energy. There are good reasons for this, like running effective CIP processes. But these processes should be optimised, so you don’t use more resources than you have to.

For example, Quadbeam’s accuracy lets you reduce your footprint by running shorter and more accurate CIP cycles, and showing when a chemical flush is complete. It also lets you identify when the end of a CIP rinse is clean enough to re-use, instead of going down the drain.

Example application: Loss monitoring

Quadbeam’s multi-beam sensors can be used to measure the concentration of suspended solids like milk fat. They transmit real-time data to a control room, where alarms can be set for high-concentration events. This allows immediate responses to losses to stop them getting worse, and it allows data tracking and analysis to detect trends and possible improvements in process control leading to better environmental outcomes.

Quadbeam’s multi-beam sensors bring you the power of efficiency, sustainability, and simplicity. Put them together, and you’ve got big gains from small change.

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Application note: Loss monitoring

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