S40-VN Varinline® Inline Hygienic Style

S40-VN Varinline® Inline Hygienic Style

Example application: measures 0-1.5% milk fat. To fit Type N Varinline access unit. Install directly into food product lines.


S40-VN Varinline® Inline Hygienic Style

Key features:


Multi-beam sensor, virtually eliminates drift due to contamination or electronic ageing.

One-piece body

No lenses to leak, glass-free design.

Simple to use

Simple user interface


Accurate, repeatable & reliable.

S40-VN Varinline® Inline Hygienic Style

Example applications:

Hygienic style sensors are designed for installation directly into food product lines where CIP cleaning is used.

Low concentrations of milk fat, monitoring CIP return, heat exchanger breakthrough, filtration monitoring, solids content.

Further specifications:


+/- 2% of reading


+/- 1% of reading


0 to 85°C operating range


10 Bar


Polyurethane-covered cable rated to 95°C. Extension cables can be supplied to extend the cable up to 50m.


Quadbeam MXD75 or MXD73

Body Style

Hygienic Style Body to fit Type N Variline® access unit


Wave Length

880nm - Standard. Other wave lengths available

Body Material

PP - Polypropylene


10m - Both immersion and hygienic sensors are supplied with a 10m cable as standard. Other lengths available


NC- No Connector. Cores stripped and crimped for direct connection with the MXD Transmitters CA - Amphenol Connector. For use with Hygienic sensors using extension cables. Sample model no; S40-IMM-880-PP-10-NC

Optional Extras

Cleaner - powered using air at 10 Bar.