Small sensor change. Big efficiency gain.

Small sensor change. Big efficiency gain.

Three factors combine to give you big gains when you make the change to Quadbeam sensors. The first one is efficiency. Find out what’s next in the series here.

“Efficiency” comes from a Latin word meaning “the power to get things done.” That’s exactly what Quadbeam’s multi-beam sensors give you.

Here’s three ways Quadbeam brings efficiency to industry:

1. Process control through accuracy

Because Quadbeam sensors are multi-beam, they use a ratio-metric algorithm to measure suspended solids and turbidity. The algorithm self-compensates for common sources of measurement error, like contamination and ageing componentry. Unlike single-beam sensors, Quadbeam instruments don’t need constant cleaning and they stay true to their initial calibration.

This gives you a more repeatable and reliable measurement and therefore improved process control.

2. Less downtime through reliability

Our sensors are made from a robust polymer. Their rugged construction has been proven in demanding factory installations through to harsh mining environments. Their reliability means there’s less need for operator intervention, reducing downtime and interruptions to your processes.

Quadbeam sensors don’t have glass lenses so they can stand up to challenges like thermal shocks, setting them apart from almost every competitor.

3. Return on our years of investment

Quadbeam’s NIR technology has been honed in New Zealand’s hyper-efficient dairy factories, where it’s been used for over 20 years. Hundreds of our sensors have been supplied to leading players, including Fonterra.

Example application: product phase/interface transition

Quadbeam’s precision lets you set an exact cut-point and optimise the transition between phases, giving you highly repeatable process control. Our sensors can be used to measure the exact concentration of suspended solids like milk fat, pulp, juice, or sauce. We know of companies that have made annual savings of $150,000 or more using our sensors this way, which is a substantial return on the costs of installation.

Quadbeam’s multi-beam sensors bring you the power of efficiency, sustainability, and simplicity. Put them together, and you’ve got big gains from small change.

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Application note: product phase/interface transition