S20HT-IMM Inline Immersion Style

S20HT-IMM Inline Immersion Style

Example concentration: 0-10g/L SiO2. Applications include product loss monitoring and control, return activated sludge.


S20HT-IMM Inline Immersion Style

Key features:


Multi-beam sensor, virtually eliminates drift due to contamination or electronic ageing.

One-piece body

No lenses to leak, glass-free design.

Simple to use

Simple user interface


Accurate, repeatable & reliable.

S20HT-IMM Inline Immersion Style

Example applications:

Immersion style sensors are designed for continuous on-line monitoring of suspended solids.

Most commonly used sensor in a wide range of applications including product loss monitoring and control, mixed liquor suspended solids, sludge blanket detection, return activated sludge.

Further specifications:


+/- 2% of reading


+/- 1% of reading


0 to 85°C operating range


10 Bar


Polyurethane covered cable rated to 95°C. Extension cables can be supplied to extend the cable up to 50m.


Quadbeam MXD75 or MXD73

Body Style

Hygienic Style Body with 3” Triclover fitting


Wave Length

880nm - Standard. Other wave lengths available

Body Material

PP - Polypropylene


10- Both immersion and hygienic sensors are supplied with a 10m cable as standard. Other lengths available


NC- No Connector. Cores stripped and crimped for direct connection with the MXD Transmitters CA - Amphenol Connector. For use with Hygienic sensors using extension cables. Sample model no; S20-IMM-880-PP-10-NC

Optional Extras

Cleaner - powered using air at 10Bar.